Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Places You Can Get Fernet: Russell House Tavern in Cambridge, MA

The Russell House Tavern is in Harvard Square, across the Charles River from the Eastern Standard in Cambridge. Of course, Cambridge is where Harvard is. Thus, Russell House Tavern is a Harvard Bar, and I am legally obligated to deploy this picture:
Why yes, I do enjoy a nice Granny Smith from time-to-time.

Russell House Tavern is on "JFK street", which is kind of like having a gay bar in San Francisco called Moby Dick: too obvious to NOT be a real thing. The bar opened a few weeks ago, has a truly awesome special offer for the hungry brainacs who frequent the area.

Grossman said that the Harvard community was one of the top three factors he took into consideration before opening the restaurant. He added that he has informally created a “happy meal” for students, which consists of a 16-ounce Brooklyn lager tall boy, one shot of Fernet Branca, and a “giant” burger—priced at $18.
FUCK YEAH HAPPY MEAL. In my head these come in cardboard boxes in the shape of Fenway Park with a smiling David Ortiz on the outside dressed as the Hamburgler.

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  1. One better: a shot of Fernet there is only $4! I was speaking with bar manager Aaron Butler about his spirits pricing because equal-to-me priced bottles (like Leblon Cachaca and Smith & Cross Rum) were very different prices and it had to do with deals his bar got. And then he pointed to the cost of the Fernet! He and the manager went over to Charlie's Kitchen (a punk rock burger, beer, and booze joint with a great jukebox - a few blocks away) and saw that their Fernet shot was $5.50. So they decided to undercut the competition. It also stands out as an oddball price - especially since all of the other spirits range from $8 to $39 a pour.