Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Places You Can Get Fernet: Cure in New Orleans, LA

Another short one. If time permits, I've got plenty of interesting updates coming very soon.

Forwarded to us by our intrepid traveling reporter, who testified that Cure boldly offers not just Fernet-Branca, but ALSO features my old nemesis* Branca Menta.

Well played.

*Updates also to come on our longstanding bloodfeud with The Menta.
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  1. Please allow me to be the first to deliver the good news that Fernet is quite prolific in this town.

    The places I imbibe with regularity that will serve me the bartender's black gold:

    221 Camp St in the International House Hotel
    My place of employment and quite a nice cocktail lounge.

    Chuck's Sports Bar
    510 Gravier St
    My favorite dive in the city and the last local bar in the CBD. Conveniently located a 1/2 block from Loa. I am personally responsible for the addition of Fernet to their inventory.

    1107 Decatur St
    Lower Decatur local favorite.

    Erin Rose
    811 Conti St
    A favorite decompression chamber for service industry folk.

    Dominiques on Magazine
    4729 Magazine St
    New delicious fine dining with a beautiful cocktail program created by Kimberly Patton-Bragg. Amazing.

    Trust me, this is only the start of this list. New Orleans is Fernet Friendly!

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