Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yes please, ma'am. I'll take two.

A couple of adverts from the "Shockingly Unique" campaign to share today. First this one:

And then this one, which I actually prefer even though the scan is bad:

I can't say exactly what's so "Shockingly Unique" about the young lady in ad #2, but I'm not complaining. The ads are stylish, sexy and visually interesting. Consider my appetite whetted.

The text in both is as follows:

Fernet-Branca is like nothing you've ever tasted. [Not so sure I agree with you 100% on your policework there, Fernet Ad guy - Ed] It's strong, aggressive and not for the easily intimidated; but the closely guarded secret recipe rewards the adventurous with a bold taste, and leaves you feeling revitalized and alive. Try a shot of Fernet-Branca and you'll experience over 40 herbs picked in four continents that give it a natural and unique flavor.

I find it interesting that both ads recommend trying "a shot" of Fernet, yet both feature a glass of Fernet and cola next to the bottle (though Sailor Moon Lady above admirably isn't bothering with any of that fey mixer stuff). In my anecdotal experience, most San Franciscans take their medicine straight up. Fernet and cola (or "Fernet con coca" more accurately) is more of an Argentinian thing.

Also peep the return of the alligator in ad #1. As we all have learned, the Branca family had used gators for years in their advertisements because they were famous for their digestive abilities.

So everything old is new again. Just, you know... sluttier.

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  1. "unique" is an absolute and cannot take modifiers such as "shockingly." this campaign is unacceptably flawed. i withdraw my support.

  2. this post is nonetheless excellent.

  3. OMG, Brigid! It's the first Fernetiquette comment ever and you've busted the commenting cherry by copy editing the Branca company. Frankly, that's perfect.

    SHOCKINGLY perfect, even.