Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fernetiquette asks The Internet for help

Continuing with our recent Argentine theme, I present to you this Fernet advert that for the life of me I cannot figure out.

Confession time: I don't speak Spanish. At all. I was stupid in high school and thought it would be a better idea to try my hand at Fran├žais. As you can imagine, this was a bad call. My rudimentary knowledge of sloppy high school French was moderately useful during the week I spent in Quebec 7 years ago but it has not exactly served me well during the ten years I have lived in and around the Mission. Nor does it help me figure out this here advertisement.

For what it's worth, the Babelfish translation of the headline is spectacularly unhelpful:
I to it complete time removes
You don't say.

I also ran it by a friend who said she spoke "Very, very awkward" Spanish and she had some theories, but I wanted to test them against The Theories of The Internet. A translation would be helpful, but any insight as to what Fernet has to do with walking your dog would be ideal. So... help? Please and thank you.

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  1. The headline says something like "THis is the last time I'm fetching it for you" but I'm not sure about the other text.

  2. "The last time I take him out." (I don't have the phrasing quite smoothed out, but that's how I translate it.)
    "One fewer discussion among (so) many discussions."

    So I'm going with the "I took the dog out last time, so you do it this time, cos it's high time I had me some Fernet" interpretation.

  3. "The last time i took him/it out" (the dog)

    "one less discussion among so many discussions"

    The small text at the bottom says
    "For xxx years, to say fernet is to say Branca. And there's no discussions about it"

    It makes sense in Argentina since you got several brands of fernet to choose from, but the ad says at the end "Branca, unique" and thats true, no fernet tastes like Branca :)